See what our clients have to say about RELAXSA Corporate Massage

“Prior to starting corporate massage I was a non-massage person and did not even like the idea of having a massage. Now I have a corporate massage with Peter most Monday mornings and find that it’s an ideal way to start the week. Instead of thinking ‘oh no it’s Monday, back to work’ you think ‘fantastic I have a massage this morning can’t wait to get to work’.  After the massage I always feel relaxed and ready to face the day.  Apart from the relaxation aspect I have found it to be particularly beneficial for my arms and hands, especially in relation to computer usage.”

Trish, UniSA

“I have been having massages every month, Peter is very caring and understanding to your individual needs. The whole experience is very relaxing.”

Gina, NCI

“Peter has been coming to  Minelab on a regular fortnightly visit for the last few years, as I have a back problem, I have found that the massage he gives me each fortnight has helped my back  and shoulders considerably.”

Pam, Minelab

“It’s very hard to find a good masseuse who actually listens to you, and adjusts the massage according to your needs. I’ve had quite a few over the years who just go through their routine, and don’t bother to work on specific areas that need extra attention. Peter is just a delight to visit – in addition to being very friendly, he gives a damn good massage, and since having fortnightly visits with him, I get far less headaches and other side effects of working in an office! He has a great understanding of the physical impact of computer work, and his routine specifically addresses this. It’s also very convenient to be able do this at on site at work, as I don’t have to waste my lunch break getting to and from the location. I can’t recommend Peter highly enough – he knows what he’s doing, is happy to accommodate special needs, and the benefits of having a looser, happier back have improved my work and personal life enormously.”

Jane, Housing SA

“For my colleagues and me who work in a large government department one of the highlights of the fortnight is Peter’s alternate Friday visits. You often hear ‘Oh great, Peter’s coming on Friday.’ His neck and shoulder massages are wonderful, he always finds just the spot that needs work. He’s so nice and everyone feels very comfortable with him.”

Angela, Community Connect

“The mornings where I have a massage I always walk away feeling taller and happier. After a weekend in the garden, a morning massage is the best remedy for an aching body.”

Wayne, UniSA

“I have been a client of Peter’s for over 3 years and rarely miss a fortnightly massage. I can work extra hard in the gym just prior to my appointment knowing that Peter will work out any sore spots. I can thoroughly recommend his service.”

Jason, Renewal SA

“Peter is easily the best massage therapist I have used. Seriously fantastic!!”

Brenton, Minelab

“It is a great start to the week having a remedial massage with Peter and I highly recommend it!”

Julie, UniSA